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Is the Economy Affecting Your Business?

Originally Posted 01/07/09

I've tried to avoid this, and avoid this and avoid this yet some more but here it is, the first Plummer blog. I saw blogging coming, and refused to get involved. I saw blogs become great Internet tools to change thought and get information to masses of people and still didn't want to do it. And now, even though blogs are fading for the truly avant-garde in tech, here I am launching my first online attempt at spreading the word.

The main reason I haven't written a blog earlier is that most of what I have to say about the business of fitness was being said in the seminars or through my books and I haven't felt the need to try to get much more information out than that. Then two important changes happened that made me want to rethink the need to get information out more frequently.

First of all, what is happening in the economy has accelerated the need to get ideas and information out more quickly to our friends and clients. Secondly, the volume of emails I am receiving has dramatically increased over the last year with more people seeking not only information about their particular business but seeking my thoughts on major issues in the world of fitness. The volume simply increased to the point that I could not answer each one individually as I have done in past years.

I want to start this new adventure with an important thought; the fitness world is not ending by death due to bad economy. Stop listening to anyone telling you that you will fail due to economy. You might fail because you can't sell. You might fail because your brother-in-law is a dog poop trainer and you should have never hired him anyway. You might fail because you never learned any of the most basic concepts of business and are still unwilling to learn. And you might fail because you already think you know everything because you have been in business for a long time. Remember, you might be one of those people with one year of experience repeated 20 times without every learning anything new.

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