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The Power of Personal Motivation and Why Rachel Cosgrove is a Success!

Originally Posted 11/12/09

Literally thousands of people have passed through our workshops over the years. If you do something like this long enough, you eventually encounter almost every type of personality, mindset and intelligence level imaginable all seeking information that they hope will change their lives and their businesses.

I strongly believe in the foundational truth that everyone, no matter what they do for a living, how much money they might have, or how successful they are, deserves some respect. The exceptions to that rule are the people who spend their life wasting their life by refusing to accept personal responsibility for their current condition.

Through the years I have noticed a certain small percentage of folks who are a little more driven than the rest, a little more personally motivated and perhaps a little more intense when it comes to defining how they want to live their life and the standards they are willing to live with in their quest for something more.

As I have aged, and gained a little more gray around the edges, a few of the people who find our workshops seek me out for coaching in their lives on a personal basis. In the earlier years, the coaching was always about business and money but as I have gotten older, and gained more of a father type figure look, the seekers are now looking for answers to life issues and personal coaching as to how to get the most out of what they have and how to live their dream.

This responsibility and opportunity to work with young, talented people has given me a viewpoint from which to comment on what it takes to rise to another level in your life and to achieve personal success no matter where you are at now or what you started with on the journey.

It would be easy here to throw out a few trite sayings about success. We could always use that successful people are great goal setters. We could also mention that people who achieve a certain level of personal growth were never quitters. And there are always endless other words, such as "motivated,” "determined” and "winner” that always appears in the success literature. But after watching for years I don't believe these words are always the right ones to predict who will rise and who will simply maintain.

About 12 years ago, two young trainers set in the front row of a workshop, one furiously taking notes and the other rubbing his head with his hands and quietly swearing in Scottish under his breath. The information they were hearing was challenging their belief system but both understood that what they were doing wasn't working as well as they hoped so they were open to new ideas.

These two students, Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove, have gone on to be two of the most recognized names in fitness in the world and have changed a lot of how the rest of us think about how to train people. They have also built a wildly successful training facility and are now mentoring others on how to succeed in such a competitive business.

If you've read any of my other stuff, or have been to a workshop or advanced school in the last several years, you have heard me mention Alwyn and his rise to international guru, but this blog is really about Rachel and her success, especially with her new book that just came out this week.

Me being me, I would love to take credit for their success but these two would have been out of control and crazy successful if they simply lived in a closet and only came out occasionally to publish something new or to make money for a while. Their success was not derived from outside sources but from within, which is the whole point of this blog.

It has been a pleasure to watch them grow over the years but it has been Rachel that has been the model of success worth noting and studying. Many spouses, especially those living with an already recognized guru type, never achieve their own level of success because the other spouse cuts off the light and you never really get a chance to live your own life.

Rachel has gone from great trainer, to financially successful business owner, to dedicated mentor for women and now to nationally known author. Her new book, The Female Body Breakthrough, was just released this week after a long journey and I think it is one of the best training books I have ever read or has been written.

As I mentioned above, when you get a chance to watch someone develop over a number of years, many of the traditional trite words that define success simply don't apply. What has made Rachel successful and what can the rest of us learn from her personal journey.

When I think of Rachel, several things pop into my head. The first word is "discipline.” The act of writing a book, while running a business and living a full life, is mindboggling. Rachel emails me so early that I am barely awake on the East Coast and she is three hours earlier on the West Coast, which puts that email at about the, "What, she is up writing already?” hour.

Personal discipline is a lost act in most lives. We encounter clients who lie about what they eat because they know they are out of control. I have consulting clients who set out with a plan and good intentions but weeks go by with very little being accomplished because they can't find the time, or the discipline in their life, to get things done.

Discipline means being able to set priorities, which might get us back to the old goal setting concept. Decide what you want, and then arranging your life so you can achieve it is rare and maybe one of the key talents Rachel has mastered in her life.

Another unique thing about how Rachel achieves is that I have never, ever heard her say, "I don't know if I can really do that?” One of the things I admire about her, and that I see in other successful people I respect, such as Greg Rose from Titleist or Todd Durkin, is that she lives by the concept that anything is possible if that is what you want to do.

Write a book? I can do that. Build a successful business from the ground up and reinvent the business concept along the way? When do we start? Hang on to that business while my husband is locked in a hospital for two years fighting for his life? Sure, if that is what it takes to be successful then bring it on and more after that.

No limit people are often the most exciting people to hang out with at a bar? Sit around a table with Rachel, Alwyn and some of the other notables in our fitness world and you never hear anyone question the ability to get anything done. People are writing books, building new businesses and offering radical new thoughts on their DVDs about the evolution of fitness but no one questions if they can do it. They simply get up in the morning, follow the plan and then change the world.

Rachel has also taught me one more thing about success. I've noticed in her the personal belief that what she is doing is the right thing for her. If the thought above was no limits, maybe we can define this one as no doubts. She has found her personal mission and is prepared to live her life on that path. Each step leads to the next and her belief in mentoring women and defining fitness for women has created a rich and full life for her with so many years of success yet to come.

I think one of the richest moments in life is when you learn to celebrate someone else's success. I am proud of having Rachel as a friend and I admire her journey more than most because of what she has gone through to achieve that success. I hope everyone buys her book and if you are in a training studio I highly suggest you buy many and give one to every female client that comes through the door. It is not only a way to train for you but a motivational tool for your clients.

You can order the book at www.orderthefemalebodybreakthroughtoday.com

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