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Stop $#%*@ Complaining
Originally Posted 07/05/10

Where are all the whiners coming from these days? I see them at the airports. I hear them whine in the workshops. They are on national television whining their little whiny butts off. If you have a shrimp boat covered in oil, you have a real reason to complain but if you are on the Biggest Loser, stop complaining about your giant, white pathetic ass and go work out. Please, oh please, stop the whining.

Here are the ones that really make me what to beat them with a dead chipmunk:

• If you have a job you don’t like, that you feel is unfair and that causes you personal pain to do each day, then stop doing it and by all means stop trying to make the rest of us feel that you are some type of victim we should feel sorry for every day. You are lucky to work. Work is a privilege, not a right of being born and if you hate your job, or hate work, then stop, but it is your choice to do what you do and no one feels sorry for your worthless ass if your job doesn’t fit your grand plan to be a sports agent for a rich superstar.

• If you have a fitness facility, learn to run it. Learn business, learn to sell, learn to train people and figure out how it works. Opening a club means you get to ante up in the game. Risking money doesn’t guarantee success, only that you get to play the game.

• Stop whining about your staff. You hired them, you trained them (probably poorly) you manage them and if they are stupid and don’t work then look in the mirror and blame that fool for poor staff choices. Stop blaming your staff for your inability to hire, fire and manage people.

• The $10 guys, the circuit clubs, the non-profits and every other competitor are not killing you. Poor business skills, a lazy attitude and the fact that you never spent enough time to learn the business is what is hurting your business. Shut up and go to work.

• If you’re fat, it’s your fault. McDonald’s might sell it but no one made you eat it. Too much beer, too much crap food and not enough exercise are the problem not the makers of corn syrup. If you’re wearing it, then you ate it and it ain’t coming off until you move your big ass.

• The average millionaire works about 60-75 hours per week. The average middle class person who constantly complains about how unfair the system is works about 40 hours per week. The only thing unfair is that you live next to motivated people who like their work and enjoy making money doing it.

• Stop bitching about your personal life. Everyone has problems but most motivated, successful people keep their life and their work separated. Stop using your personal life as an excuse to not do the work. You married the stupid bastard but most everyone else married their own version too so stop thinking your messed up life makes you special.

• Here is another point about your business you should consider. How much time did you spend last year working on your business instead of in it as an underpaid employee. When owners tell me they have to train clients, then I know without looking that they are probably losing money because you are spending your time doing the least productive thing in the business. Most owners spend their time working a shift at the desk or doing employee work because they never learned how to lead and create money. Doing this makes a hard business even harder. Owners fail because they spend too much time doing the wrong things and not enough doing the harder, but more productive things that make a business grow. Knowing the difference is the key to success.

• Turn off your f@#$%ing cell phone when you are sitting next to someone at an airport or other public place. No one wants to hear about your suck personal life, your business or ever wants to hear the classic plane line: "we just landed.” Wait until you are at least six feet away from someone before you ask to speak to your kids and no one is impressed by the big business deal you are yelling about on the phone. Phones are nasty and intrusive and no one wants to have their space invaded by your rudeness.

• If you find your world becoming more and more limited, with fewer people in your life, maybe it is you and your toxic attitude. No one wants to hang out with people who hate everyone and blame everyone else for their miserable life.

• I am neither Republican nor Democrat; in fact I hate them all equally, but no matter what you say I still think Sarah Palin is as dumb as a bag of ferret poop and has the depth of a preschooler, which is probably unfair to the preschooler who could find other countries on the map.

• If you haven’t picked up a kettle bell yet, haven’t been to a Perform Better Summit and still do old 1995 Arnold workouts then don’t complain to me when you lose your last members to the competition. You got what you put into it and deserve to get your ass kicked.

• If you are a professional fitness person, then show some pride. Dressing like a homeless person who just scored in a dumpster filled with worn out Nike or Under Armour is not status and doing that makes it harder for the rest of us who seek some level of professional recognition in a field already suspected of harboring meatheads who cry when they miss their two-hour meal and are cranky when the lid on their Tupperware won’t burp.

• If you in your late 20’s, stop hiding behind your parents. Get your own place, get a job and get a life. Working in a club and living at home when you are pushing 30 is pathetic and if your mamma still washes your underwear you really need to get a life first. Do not, by the way, get married because she is not your mamma either.

• If you’re drunk in a bar, do not Facebook the play-by-play, especially if you are over 19. If you’re over 30, is it really necessary to let people know that you are sitting in a bar and that you just ordered food? Get involved with the people you are with and turn off that f%$#&*ing phone for at least an hour. Texting other people constantly while you are with a group tells the group that they are not nearly important as the other people who aren’t there. By the way, if you have more online friends then real friends, you’re a loser. Try spending time with real people, it might change your attitude.

• If you’re not making money, look back and see how much money you spent last year in getting new ideas for your business. You should find that the bigger the loss, the less you spent on new ideas.

• Stop living in the past. Get over Nautilus and HIT. The 80’s are gone and take those leg warmers out of your ass and move on. It is not coming back and no matter how much you argue, there is no pure fitness approach that involves sitting on your ass and going in circles.

• If you work in any aspect of the fitness business, then get your ass in shape. No one wants to buy equipment or services from a fat rep.

Damn I feel better now but I have to get back on the plane this week so this temporary purge shouldn’t last. Step up and stop whining; it’s the only life you are going to get.
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