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Grow Up and Stop Whining!
Originally Posted 07/20/10

Maybe I have just been doing this job too long and maybe I have attempted to help way too many people through the years, but there is little doubt that one of the most irritating things I hear too often these days, often voiced in that whiny, little kid voice, is, "I just donít know what to do with my life.Ē This whine is usually said with eyes down accompanied with a little whimper as if this admission should make me feel sorry for you.

I do feel sorry for this person. I feel sorry in about the same way I feel for people who abuse the unemployment check system, who refuse to work because the job isnít perfect and move home with their parents and the ones who bitch about going to college and then not being able to get a job.
What did you think that four-year degree in psychology was going to get you anyway, $50K a year and a corner office, or is that really the degree you get to waste four years of college and then whine some more about how unfair the job market is? Dudette, if you have the skills you will get hired but all that degree got you was the right to keep going for a lot more years until you get to the point that you are hirable. You made the decision so shut up and go back to school or get a job at Wal-Mart.

This "I donít know about my lifeĒ whine is especially depressing when you hear it from people in their late 20ís and beyond. "I just donít know what I want to do. It is so hard to make up my mind.Ē Youíre 30 years old. When are you going to commit to something that will take your life forward? If not now, then when? If ever?

Here is hint. Get off your ass and commit to something. Stop whining about your miserable life, make a decision and move forward. And while youíre at it, stop blaming your parents, the schools, your spouse, and system, your current job and anything else you use to prevent you from committing to something besides a lifetime of mediocrity. Youíre 30 and working a lousy job because you made decisions yesterday that got you there. No one else made those decisions and if you did let someone else decide, you now qualify as a double dumbass.

Your life has to mean something. You have to constantly be engaged in an epic battle to be the best in the world at what you do. The road is littered with the bodies of a thousand people who flounder for a few years trying job after job and then flash fry themselves in a few split seconds when they realize that everything they have done as made no difference and they are merely filling a terrible job doing work that any trained chimp could knock down with a few lessons.

Life is hard and it is extremely difficult to grow beyond the average. If you want to be the best at what you do then you have to persevere way after others quit. You have to commit to something you love, believe in and want to make your lifeís work and stop your whining and whimpering that life is so hard and you canít get what you want; as if you have ever taken the time to even know what you want?

The world is built for quitters. We make it easy to quit in our culture. This is why there are over 200 hundred certifications for trainers. Instead of focusing your energy on being the best in the world and dedicating your life to one track with a professional company such as ACE, most trainers just float from certification to certification gathering more initials on their business card.

Get more initials and sooner or later you become a super trainer is the theory. Good theory but hopelessly stupid. Yes, education is good if it supports your targeted goal at being the best at what you do. Education for the sake of avoiding building a career, and a life of meaning, is a waste of time. Initials donít make you the best in the world; itís the mastery of what you know beyond those around you that makes you a hero.

Everything worth doing is hard by design of the universe. There is always a large barrier that separates the good from the great and this barrier exists because the world recognizes that the truly dedicated and gifted are the people we all want to hangout with and if someone is willing to pay the price to be that superstar, then he must truly be worth knowing. If greatness were easy, everybody you know, including your unfocused butt, would be rock stars, great writers, super trainers, or rich business people.

But in reality, there are a very limited number of the truly great in any of these fields and that few are defined by a narrow focus centered at chasing the one thing that makes them want to get up in the morning and go kick some ass. You have to have a reason to run every morning, to get up and chase the dream of being the best you can be, but most are simply unwilling to do the work it takes to kill their category

Everything you do in your career should have a purpose of moving you ahead, but most people donít know what they want from their lives, and therefore, get nothing but obscurity and mediocrity for their efforts. Anything is possible if the focus is there and a plan exists to get you to the top

Your life is your life to live it anyway you want, but you only achieve success when you define what you want and then chase it with the heart of a rampaging bull. Being mediocre at something is easy. Simply do as little as possible to improve yourself, let time pass, grow old too quickly in mind and spirit and then wonder why you are wearing an adult diaper and wasted a life unfulfilled.

When was the last time you set in Starbucks with a little notebook and projected your life out five years? Have you asked yourself what you want from your life, your career and the next few years? Or are you doing what you are doing because it is your lifeís work, which is noble, or because you are on cruise control wasting your time and everyone elseís that knows you?

Focused, driven people are the only ones worth knowing. People who dedicate their life to being the best in the world at what they do, something almost anyone can achieve but so few are willing to do the work, are the ones who are the most interesting and who are the ones who will change the way we live and work.
Life is too short to waste it by sitting on your ass whining. "I donít know what I want to do with my lifeĒ is a great way to waste your life. If you donít yet know, then do some deep thinking, commit and seek to be the best there is. But stop using this tired whine as an excuse to do nothing but waste time and burn up your life and money. Get up tomorrow with a purpose and that purpose is to be the best in the world in what you do and be prepared to outwork anyone who gets in your way.

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